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02-19-2019, 03:54 AM
How about a sequel to assassins creed black flag. Rather than simply remastering Assassins creed iii use it as an opportunity to create a ghost recon wildlands style 1-4 player campaign experience with the entire USA as a huge map post American revolution during the enlightenment controlled by the a Templar’s for players to explore with each assassin having a unique fighting style and Edward Connor Haytham and Adewale as playable characters. So for Connor look at American martial arts that Native Americans used like kicking and knocking, for Haytham use ww2 combatives styles like Defendu, for Adewale use capoeira and for Edward use the Spanish style of Keysi fighting method and do deep research into the martial arts styles of the Caribbean to diversify things a little more.
Also bring back the bone crunching takedowns and multi kill abilities with new crushing animations and give Each character the ability to throw and retrieve their blades and blunt weapons from tomahawks and clubs to swords. Every state will have Indian tribes and fugitive slaves, free men allied with the assassins battling to rescue slaves from plantations, prevent the Templar’s from stealing and violently seizing land from Indians, while battling puritan extremists in the New England states and in the case of the southern states former french soldiers along with pioneers, settlers and frontiersmen in various roles like carpenters, blacksmiths owners of lumber yards and mills who can help join your ranks and provide missions for players and Edward’s spyglass will now be part of each character’s gear for spotting and tagging enemies.
The Templar’s will be particularly dangerous as they will have teamed up with and become religious fanatics like Puritans in New England and cotton and tobacco plantation owners and so will be determined to keep their horrific yet lucrative trade going forever at all costs as rebellion spreads and gains momentum.
Each assassin will have their own training camp where players can practice their stealth, archery and hand to hand combat techniques. New inventions like smokeless powder can be used to craft explosives for bombs and arrowheads making it harder for the enemy to detect players while regular powder can be used for smoke grenades allowing players to escape or provide cover for ambushes especially in wooded areas like thick forests and swamps.
Melee combat will have more bone crunching moves like during multikills using bare hands and blunt weapons like war clubs and tomahawks which will smash limbs and be able to incapacitate or kill up to four enemies at once while lighting fast fencing moves and Bowie knife and dagger fighting techniques will see more slicing chopping and quick stabbing moves. Adewale’s machete and blunderbuss will return with the ability to unleash chopping cleaving blows and blunt attacks with the buttstock.

02-20-2019, 12:13 AM
Hi there PertTie772,

Thanks for sharing your suggestions with us! :o I am going to move your thread to the general AC forum, since this topic is not specifically about Origins.

02-20-2019, 12:19 AM
That doesn't sound like a Black Flag sequel, as you mention nothing of well known pirates as main characters. Plus ACIV already exampled the demise of most famous pirates, so there's nowhere to go from there other than a naval battle themed title as a Templar, which Rogue already did. They also already did a mini sequel along the lines of what you're referring to called Freedom Cry.

The prequel series they're now on was the logical step, as Ancient Egypt and Greece were heavily requested.

02-20-2019, 03:55 AM
Maybe not a sequel but have another game that sets the timeline to the beginning of the golden age of piracy in the 1660s instead of the end like in Black Flag.
We get to meet Captain Henry Morgan, Francois L'Olonnais, Captain William Kidd, Henry Every etc...

Not to mention have DLCs where we get to meet Davy Jones and other supernatural calamities of the seven seas!

The potential wasn't fully exploited in AC Black Flag and this could do it.