View Full Version : [PS4][Clan][Discord] Lone Wolf Pack "A Community For Solo Players"

02-18-2019, 04:41 PM

Hey everyone my name is Robin aka TwistedVegan(PSN),

Lone Wolf Pack [LWP] is a dedicated gaming community for PS4. LWP is built around the mantra of giving players that enjoy playing solo a community in which we can discuss the games, group up for group content and provide a nice and relaxed atmosphere to just chill and hang out in.

We started as a Division clan, when the very first beta dropped and are now eagerly awaiting the rls of TD2.

Our members are from all corners of the world!

There are some of us that play daily, play every other day and that apparently do not need sleep. No matter what kind of gamer you are, we understand that everyone have responsibilities outside of gaming, so we do not expect you to be on 24/7.

There are no requirements for joining us, but we do encourage maturity and activity as well as having access to a microphone. We also use Discord actively, and we strongly encourage you to join us there.

If you are interested in joining our gang of adventurers, please click below!

-> https://discord.gg/EuSKt88 <-

See you soon agents!