View Full Version : i'm not mad but your matchmaking sucks

02-18-2019, 05:08 AM
All I want is to be put in a game with teammates that are competent enough to hold their own. that's all i ask. "oh sure blame your teammates, get good, etc. etc."

no, you don't ****ing understand guys. For the last two days, back to back, i have had nothing and i mean NOTHING but losses because of this very reason. I know when to take the blame for myself, i know i'm not the best, but jesus ****ing christ man this is rediculous.

every.single.game i've either been the anchor or nothing i do is good enough to save my team from defeat. what the hell man? what happened to the matchmaking? i know for a fact it didn't used to be this bad. i'm out here fighting people on my level while my teammates are getting slaughtered and we're either losing tickets or losing ground. it's my personal opinion that under no circumstance no matter how well i'm doing, should the number of kills i have tripe, i say again, ****ING TRIPLE, any of my teammates combined, and yet that's been the case on multiple occasions in the last 48 hours.

somebody.please. explain to me what the hell is happening because i can't keep looking at the defeat screen. i can handle losing, but at this point i'm on a streak and it's rather disheartening given the effort i'm putting in.

02-18-2019, 05:19 AM
It's true. Matchmaking has deteriorated terribly, now most games are highly polarized between you losing horribly or winning with hardly any resistance, hardly any even fights anymore. Matchmaking will also often fail completely so you can't even get into a game for long periods of time.

They recently changed matchmaking to be based exclusively on win rate and doesn't take KDA into effect anymore. I don't know what the big brained reason behind this is because obviously people are going to be carried off of the team winning or not and their individual performance isn't taken into account.

02-18-2019, 06:38 PM
Well i played a bunch this weekend some Breach and some Dominion and the matchmaking was poor for Breach. I lost 5 straight some not even making it to the second round. Each game was a slaughter , with a few as the attackers the defenders fought to our spawn and we couldn't do anything. I switched over to Dominion and wow I had some good matches. Even teams and we all for the most part were evenly skilled. I was able to fight and counter, landing attacks. Deadly feint actually worked. I could parry and a few blade blockades landed.

Not sure if i like the player swapping after games. I had one where both were braking and it was a 2v3 and me as Musha and this LB took out the other 3 for the win. It was nice. Then next game he was on the other team and i lost. Then same team and we won then he got swapped and i won a few. I liked playing with that guy, he was a clean player and we had some battles. One of us was always on top of the team for points and kills. We played about 10 games together total and while it was fun fighting him, won or lost, i liked it most when we were teamed up. No games were steam rolls and roaming gank squad never happened. They were how Dominion games used to be.

But matchmaking has been bad for me on Breach since the start of the season. That was when i came back so i don't know if changed before that.

02-19-2019, 03:07 AM
Add to this issue (that I am totally agreed), you cant quit because the 15 min ban. So you must to continue playing and having a really bad time. Oh, and do not try to threw out your match, you could be banned for many days...

02-20-2019, 02:44 PM
add to this issue (that i am totally agreed), you cant quit because the 15 min ban. So you must to continue playing and having a really bad time. Oh, and do not try to threw out your match, you could be banned for many days...


02-20-2019, 08:20 PM
Guess they just wanted a bunch of people to stop playing for some reason. That's only conclusion I could come to