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02-18-2019, 04:10 AM
(This seemed to post, but then I waited half an hour or so, and it never showed up, and isn't showing in my profile activity. Apologies if it double posts.)

New to the game (PS4 edition, with the PS Camera), and have a dumb question. I get to the screen where it says "Place yourself next to a dancer", but nothing I do there seems to have any effect. Should I see something on the screen to denote which one I'm selecting? All I can do is hit X to start - but when I do, there isn't a name up top, like I see in the videos, and there's nothing denoting any scoring or anything else.

I'm wondering if this is a camera recognition problem, but I've calibrated it in the PS menu and it is successfully recording videos during the dance, so it seems like it's at least partially working. I could see it being a camera issue if it was going in and out, but since it doesn't seem to change no matter where I stand or what I do, I'm wondering if I'm missing something else. I've read the posts on how to set up the camera in terms of space, lighting, colours, etc...but still haven't been able to get this sorted.

Anything other steps that I might be missing, or do I just need to keep fiddling with the room/camera? Not sure what else I can really try on that front. :-(