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02-17-2019, 06:00 PM
Anyone has any advice to defeat berserkers in 1v1s?

When I play BP, Conqueror, or even Gladiator, I don't have trouble with them. However, I feel extremely powerless when playing pk. Her dodge attacks and deflects are almost useless because he just keeps hitting me with hyperarmored attacks even if I counter them, and even if a I get a parry and seize the momentum, he mostly blocks me once, then starts the infinite bs again. His parry punishes are also greater than mine. Anything I can do beside fishing for parries (which have low punishes)? I am currently rep 31, I don't have much trouble with others (beside new shugoki), but it seems I am just not capable of developing any strategy against them.

02-18-2019, 01:36 AM
However, I feel extremely powerless when playing pk.

Well, there's your problem. You're playing PK, who is the #1 worst hero in the game, and has been ever since her giant nerf that they tried to sell as a "rework". This recent buff did nothing for her, so she continues to be the #1 worst hero in the game.

The only thing you can do is be 3x as good as the Berserker, and try to take advantage of your option select. However, because his lights do the same damage and are the same speed as your zone, you may get hit, which would absolutely drain your stamina and leave you out of stamina against someone that has what you have but better. You'll probably have to time the moments you throw your lights out so you can attempt to interrupt him before the hyperarmor sets in.

He's got way more damage, lots of hyperarmor, unblockables, and matching speed, so you literally have to outplay him if you want to get the upper hand.

02-18-2019, 08:44 AM
I've recently watch a video of Talon Dillard using pk against some berserkers. He was doing impressingly well there. Maybe you can take something away from there. Here is a link:

I think the key for you lies (next to parrying and anticipating where the attacks are coming from) in reading when a heavy-feint is to be used and catch them there with an untechable guardbreak to get some nice bleed stabs in.

02-19-2019, 07:01 AM

Thank you!! That video contained useful knowledge, althought it looks like he is just a massively more skilled player than those berserkers were. I think I still has a bit more chance after watching this video.

02-19-2019, 09:06 AM
my pleasure :) Glad you found it helpful.

02-20-2019, 04:37 AM
I think the first one fighting againts berseker is by knowing his pattern, and try to parry the heavy attack of his unlimited combo. i usually parried the heavy 2nd combo or block the 3rd light. bcause berseker have only 2 combos, (infinite R1, R2) & (3x R2).

But, if you find a berseker who can mixup and heavy feint his combos, 1 word for you, RUN..