View Full Version : Dolby Atmos appears broken

02-16-2019, 07:07 AM
Trying to get Dolby Atmos to work with Far Cry New Dawn. Considering it works (even right now) with Far Cry 5 I assume it is supported by this game?

(EDIT: hmmm this may be an issue with my setup. I was playing Far Cry 5 hour of darkness and whatever the Mars thing is called last week and both appeared to be fine. But right now neither of those are working with Atmos, itís giving me the same issues as I described below)

DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital both work fine and the recierver displays the correct signal. When I select Dolby Atmos for Home Theatre the reciever displays the correct signal but there is no audio coming through the speakers. This is the same for both main menu and in game. Bringing up the Xbox menu I get all my OS nav click sounds coming through.

Iím using an Xbox One X which is plugged in directly via HDMI to an LG SJ9 whcih then passes through video to my LG C7 TV. New Dawn is v1.0.2 and the Xbox, Sound bar and TV are all updated to their respective latest versions.

Iíve tried hard rebooting the Xbox and all the other hardware but it doesnít help.

02-16-2019, 10:09 AM
Hey I just had a quick search, and found some potential troubleshooting: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbanswers/forum/xba_console/xbox-one-x-dolby-atmos-not-working/eb2ccd9f-97d2-49a9-a967-4a2084f6e46c

"I finally got Dolby Atmos to work!!! Under "Settings, Display & Sound, Volume, Setup TV & AV Control, Audio" I had to change the default "Stereo" setting to "Surround Sound." The Xbox One X had to reboot to accept/change the setting. Once it rebooted Dolby Atmos was working."