View Full Version : Forced Disconnect

02-15-2019, 04:53 PM
So apparently you can disconnect someone forcefully? Because i'm pretty sure it just happened to me. Was having a ranked dual with this Cent(His name started with F or something) and right before the last hit on the third match i was disconnected and lost 40%. If someone on the Ubisoft team is looking into this then hes the last guy I fought in ranked because I definitely wont be going back there if some moron that cant take a loss can just push a button and make you waste an hour of your time.
Thank you for your time, because mine sure was wasted today.

02-15-2019, 09:24 PM
This happened to me too. If its forced or not I dont know. But you have about 30 seconds or so to get back in. But it takes frikking 30 seconds ++ just to connect to the god damn serves. I was finally getting close to ranking up ( yes I know, Im trash, I just came back, not that I was every any good) and then I get this sudden dc. And lose 40% of my progress, to something that I had no control over. And now Im stuck. When I win, I get 0- 1% progress, when I lose, i lose 2%. -_-