View Full Version : Cannot take down people "F"

02-15-2019, 03:58 PM

you walk up an NPC, the "F to take down" message appears, you press "F", nothing happens.

You press "F" multiple times, nothing. In the meantime the NPC thinks about it and hits you in the face.

I lost so many fights in 30 minutes of game play. This cannot be normal.


02-15-2019, 04:46 PM
Hi, Does this persist if you rebind the key or is it only when you have Action bound to F?
Could you confirm if you have any other controllers connected.

02-17-2019, 02:56 PM

sorry for the late reply. I didn't get a notification that you actually answered.


I can rebind the key, but after the update that was rolled out the problem seems to be gone now.

I will try and report back.


02-17-2019, 03:25 PM
Thanks for updating, I'm happy to see that this seems to be resolved

02-17-2019, 09:27 PM
Actually, not quiet...

I was reassigning the key and it didn't really change anything. But another problem came to light: When you want to use a static mounted machine gun and you run up to it, the message to press "E" to use it only randomly appears. I understand that I have to stand "behind" it, so that I'm able to grab it and pull the trigger, but even then it's more of a lucky guess than actually a fact that the message appears.

That's basically the same as with the "F" key.

But while keeping an eye on this further I noticed that even the shift key is not recognized sometimes (when using the autopilot feature in a car). It's weird. It's like my keyboard is ghosting just in this one game. GRW works fine, The Division 2 worked fine, other games work fine, just in New Dawn there seems to be something that is actually creating a problem.

And no, it's not the keyboard. I actually tested multiple keyboards...

If I find anything new I'll let you know.