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02-15-2019, 12:32 AM
I will say I love this game. Itís a perfect poison of bs and just outright fun. Several problems but still a great game. But I made this thread to see what you guys think on for honor in general nowadays.

Me personally still play this game almost everyday and usually have a blast. I will say Iím concerned on how for honor will continue. Itís hard to not ask whatís in store for beyond this year. These concerns are based on a few big shifts as far as news goes and just keeping up with the game.

Pope has moved on to another project, Damien did earlier and I just watched the spliced vid on him moving on. Granted these are unrelated Iím sure but Iím just worried for the future of this game. I love it and nothing can be put in its place but we all have been here. I was part of the two closed tests and unfortunately missed the open beta before getting this game day one.

We all have seen itís fair share of problems and ones that it still continues to have. The basic pillars of the fight system are good but need work. The game has been a beautiful work in progress. I mean cmon now weíre talking raider getting some love next season and I still remember when he got his first rework back in the beginning. Or warlord being the supreme parry master. Or Lawbringer being able to knock down people with his shove and this was all a long time ago.

We havenít had GB on parry anymore ( thankfully) and weíve seen new characters from an evolving fight team making these characters to expand the roster. Weíve seen some that are fun to play such as for each of us as well as those heroes we suffer through.

I remember when Shinobi would take 3 heavies and either be dead or damn near close. Or when cent would lock you up. Highlander was considered weak at the very start before people learned him and glad was considered the most op thing people have ever seen. And yet still the characters evolved. With the wu lin in marching fire to the black prior that has just recently been added. These designs are evolving as well as for honor.

Those who have played since the start know that everything was reactable. Heck we even thought a feint was a good play. There was the first few days where even changing the guard would cause people to breakdown there defense. Now look at it. Most of us react to 500ms attacks regularly. Now we deal with 400ms attacks and mind games to combat the turtle meta that dominated the game. We dealt with unlocked attacks and disconnects for the longest.

To me itís so crazy to the progress the game has made. Weíve had a lot of bumps and I wonít deny it. There has been time where I wanted to pull my hair out with some of the decisions made. Yet I remain.

What about you guys? What makes For Honor special to you? Why do you still play it?

02-15-2019, 04:40 AM
Loaded question...
So ive played games for 30+ years. on all platforms and ive owned every system. Ive been part of lots of different guilds, clans (quake threewave ctf), you name it. now my kids play.....
It is a big deal to admit that For Honor has taken the spot as my favourite game of all time. And its the only game I play...
I knew right of the bat I would love this game. The characters, setting, art, combat, environments, executions, sounds, and total immersion.
I still play because it is the perfect balance of atmosphere and combat. It is intense and completeky unique. There is nothing else like it. I still play daily and have no plans to stop.
It honestly scares me to think year 3 is the end...i have asked many times if a mod could drop a vague comment if more furure content is planned and if support would continue. There is a goldmine of a franchise here....amy comment would be appreciated!
Anyhow there my little for honor love letter..

02-15-2019, 02:46 PM
For Honor is easily one of my favorite games. There's no denying that it's a better game now than it was at launch thanks to no small part of the devs for not giving up on it. It's been one hell of a ride seeing the game evolve into what it is today, I remember when being able to parry literally any attack made people think you a God at the game

I'm looking forward to what the devs have for us this year. Hopefully the launch of the new characters will be as smooth as BP's, and the reworks of the older cast have the same quality that Shugoki was given.

My only wish is that the devs could do more with the older cast. Warlord and PK kinda got shafted and likely won't be touched for a while. If the original characters could be kept up to date without waiting a year for a decent rework it would do wonders for the game

02-15-2019, 11:40 PM
Two years in is a good time to reflect. :)

Thanks for the thread, Sneakly.

@chukblok: Announcements of that kind have to be done more formally, as you might expect (though I totally get why you're asking). As per usual, WD will be the place to watch for any news.

02-16-2019, 12:34 AM
What makes For Honor special to you? Why do you still play it?

Centurion, and what he will become.