View Full Version : Thank you Pope

02-14-2019, 09:38 PM
I still am not happy about matchmaking and some of the characters that I don't feel are balanced however I just wanted to say thank you for the work the Pope has put in. Him and the for honor team have done a lot of work to improve this game and are still working on improving this game even though it's been very difficult to sort out the balancing issue.
Thank you

02-15-2019, 03:10 AM
He was good at his job at keeping the devs and the community talking with each other and it will suck when he leaves. All the best to him in his future plans and endeavours.

02-15-2019, 03:16 AM
Pope doesn't read this forum. Or if he does, he doesn't post. Didn't hear he was leaving. I did like him.

02-15-2019, 05:27 AM
now after Damian and Eric leaving

i don't think i'l be watching the den anymore

those two were gifted , and nothing is like them .