View Full Version : Does a disconnect exist between the platforms and between the competitive and casual.

02-14-2019, 08:42 PM
We have all seen the topics in the forums about balancing console and PC separately and how many believe that balancing a game around the top few percent is controversial but I would love to hear different opinions. Even in the for honor community on youtube there seems to be some many different opinions on the difference between casuals and competitive, the consoles and PC. I guess what I want to hear about is if the forum thinks that a disconnect exists or not. Its hard to really establish a thought since there are youtubers who are loud at saying it doesn't and then you see many who believe it does. I would love to hear opinions on if people believe there's a disconnect because the fighting between the different platforms as well as fighting about balancing between the competitive and casual player base has seemed to rip apart the communities and caused hard feelings so as to split the player base slowly killing off the game.It would be a shame to see the player counts just die because one side was catered to over another. Despite all the flaws and balance problems the game has its still got some good elements we love and it would suck to see the game die.