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02-13-2019, 09:55 PM
Each Knight is unique in playstyle, lore and design. Most of us know all the backstory for the Knight heros, but i've always thought about what their roles might be within society and not just in the context of warfare. After much lore reading and a little bit of brainstorming i now present to you all my thoughts on each Knight's offical role. (Excluding Roman heros, they are precursors and not actual knights. In addition, most of their society is centered around arena combat, which is why both Galdiator and Centurion are boastful, flashy and have assassin characteristics.)


An order of elite knights who practice chivarly wherever they roam. When they aren't leading the vanguard into battle, they are often seen patroling the streets, upholding the law and keeping the people safe.


Conscripted Ex-Prisoners who, after proving themselfs through both service and combat, ascended the ranks to become elite soldiers. They are typically assigned as gate keepers, body guards and crowd controllers in the event a riot or uprising occurs.

Law Bringer

Lawful Executioners who despense justice when called upon. They show themselfs to bring judgement down upon convicted criminals or to reclaim holds and settlements from hostile forces.

Peace Keeper

When truly wicked criminals think themsefls either too clever to be caught or too guarded to be brought to justice, that is when the peace keepers are called upon. They stalk the streets of holds and settlements, tracking their prey until the oppritunity comes to strike down their foes, even if that means eliminating any that stand in their way.

Black Prior

Once protecters of the weak and slayers of the wicked, their goals changed once the leader of their order chose to serve Apollyon. Now with her gone, the priors have sworn fealty to the knights. They now roam the land, collecting debts unpaid and protecting the realms borders, all while striking fear into those they come across. They may serve the knights but they no longer hold ties to chivalry.

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The centurion: sits around eating grapes all day and sometimes gets bored so he'll head into the samauri territory to beat up some weebs.

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Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to share this! :)