View Full Version : Shinobi Question

02-13-2019, 07:37 PM
I,ve been playing around with Shinobi lateley and I noticed whenever I use the Kiai feat it immediately triggers revenge in my opponents. Is this normal? If it is then I don't want to use it because the last thing I want to do is trigger revenge when I'm trying to stun someone. This happens every time I use it without exception.

02-14-2019, 12:38 PM
That feat causes a extreme feed to the revenge meter. It was one of the best feats in the game before it got nerfed. The devs want you to use it in 1vs 1 situations or to run when being ganked. The way it is now it only hurts the team if you use it in anything other than that.

I hope this helps.

02-14-2019, 06:17 PM
Thank you for your reply. Since it has been triggering revenge every time I use it there is really no point in using it at all. I had no idea it did this.