View Full Version : Far Cry New Dawn release times & file sizes

02-13-2019, 12:32 PM
Hello everybody,

Far Cry New Dawn launches in just a couple of days!

If you're playing a digital version of the game this Friday, you might be wondering when you can start playing at the earliest.

The digital release times for launch day - February 15th - are as follows:
PS4: 00:00 (your local time)
Xbox One: 00:00 (your local time)
Uplay PC: 00:01 (your local time)
Steam: 17:00 UTC

The file sizes will be as follows:

North, Central & South America: 21.1GB
Europe: 22.7GB
Russia & United Kingdom: 19.4GB
Middle East & North Africa: 18.6GB
Japan: 19.4GB

Xbox One
Worldwide: 23.6GB
Russia & United Kingdom: 20.7GB
Middle East & North Africa: 20GB
Japan: 20.7GB

without HD texture pack: 19.3GB
with HD texture pack: 39.2GB

Not long now! We hope you enjoy New Dawn when it releases this Friday!
The Far Cry Community Team