View Full Version : Wildlands 2 and why it should be a prequel

02-13-2019, 02:36 AM
Wildlands sequel should actually be a prequel.

Unless the franchise wants to go futuristic, there's really nothing to gain by moving the timeline ahead.

I propose moving backwards... to a time between the Bosnian War and the Kosovo War. Where warlords and lawlessness was the way of the region.

Take the game back to a time where there's no drones but aerial reconnaissance relayed by radio.

The region was flooded with arms but not leadership after the fall of Soviet Russia. Americans really didn't know who to trust.
But we were definitely there trying to influence the winner.

War crimes, genocide, NATO, Red Cross, ethnic cleansing, a break down of societal norms.
This is the place you would send Ghosts...

05-14-2019, 07:40 PM
I agree