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02-12-2019, 10:44 PM
This is a continuation of a closed thread. I think the discussion there was very important for all of us, but I won't name anyone here. I really think this needs to be addressed quickly.

Communication between the devs and community:

I understand that the designers, the balance teams and the moderators are entirely different persons, but since we mostly see the Community Managment, we mostly want answers from them regarding the entire game, and in some cases, they might end up taking the blame. It sucks, my job involves taking blame for others' mistakes too, but you can't do much about it.
As much as we all love memes, you identified this community with the word "passionate" too somewhere earlier in an early den. That describes it well: some of us spends hours every weak giving you suggestions, and one of the reasons I still around is actually the moderators here, I always believed this team takes players seriously (unlike some others in certain other companies). I still want to believe that, but with the feedback we receive weekly, it becomes harder every weak.
So, I think the den should address some of the problems in an analitic way in about 15 minutes every week.
For example, take my favourite topic, pk rework. You can gather all the topics written here (or just the sticky), reddit feedback, youtube feedback, and some tournament player's opinions. Add yours, regarding everything, including some matchups and things like optionselect, and give us some of your plans to make her viable against a berserker or in 4v4 without making her season 1 again. And talk about bp.
Having a weekly conversation about balance would already solve some frustration without rushing anything.

02-13-2019, 12:02 AM
Thanks Goat!

As Jimothy said in the other thread, we need to provide updates when we have substantial updates to provide.

We enlisted multiple devs to do a couple of super-in-depth Warrior's Dens at the end of last year, and these still contain relevant info on a large swath of the community's questions. Candle has the recaps and the VODs up in his wonderful threads, as usual:

Since then there's obviously been the introduction of a new hero, a Shugoki rework, and the WL & PK changes. As more comes, we'll have more updates to share. Internal discussion of game balance doesn't stop just because there's no update on the WD. Publicly presenting our ideas to you (and taking devs away from their regular work, I imagine) takes some preparation. More dev talks will happen!

02-13-2019, 10:31 AM
This thread: (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1997966-So-it-if-forbidden-to-talk-about-Pope-now), I think is the conclusion to my efforts to improve For Honor.
We know who we are dealing with now. This forum's mods and the community team are rotten by morons (that i won't name cause calling people to their responsibilities is considered hate speech here) and i can't stand it any longer.
In the last two years, thousands of threads about hundreds of topics didn't change ****, only a very few were considered. Let's be real, it is just not worth it to spend time and energy here..
Farewell and good luck to the guys who keep trying!