View Full Version : Current state of 4v4's

02-12-2019, 10:00 PM
When will you stop adding so many bashes and unblockables into the game? Or do something so u can avoid them easier in revenge . make all unblockables do half dmg when your in revenge or something cause this is just ******ed.
Getting ganked by 2 shugokis . or 1 shugoki and 1 highlander .. or god forbide 1 shugo 1 highlander and 1 BP ..
Dodge or parry 1 unblockable or a bash ,,, u get hit by 2 others .. dodge 2 bashes or unblockables .. get hit by the third one .. and most of them can be feinted , or shugos hug , highlander kick , toss , or kick into toss , BP's 5 million different bashes and unblockable and bulwark...
I know u are not suppose to win every 1v2 or 1v3 vs skilled players .. But its even hard vs 2 noobs that spam unblockables , bashes , hugs tosses or other bull **** cause if u dodge one u get hit by 3 other attacks .. U are taking the fun 4v4 . Its become a deathball game . Better ganksquad wins . Even in breach ganksquads can win . Fix something with revenge or dont give every hero 2 unblockables . 3 bashes and lets say ... a move that counters everything in the game except a GB .
Fix you 4v4's already ubi!

02-12-2019, 10:29 PM
You get a shield (not mentioning the BP feat here) that negates some of the damage, and you becoming uninterruptible....
Unless you're simple standing still, none of the bashes or hugs should even make you flinch. Just guard break and profit.

Normally when I go super saiyan everyone just backs off out of reach. I wish they would throw attacks at me like that.