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02-11-2019, 10:36 AM
Just came out after finishing a round on Settlers 7, thinking how amazing a new Settlers game would be. Thinking of the disaster i Beta tested, that was supposed to be Settlers 8. (Thank god it was stopped and rebranded).

and thank god Ubisoft didnt give up on this brand. 2019 is gonna be such a good year with the Settlers comming.

So a few questions, suggestions and feedback on what ive read so far.


- I really love most things ive read so far. From transportation, feeding, upgrades, expansion. I think you are on the right path of taking the best out of each series, and blending them toghether to a really good settlers game.


- Make each settlers selectable. On click, lock camera, display routing, and time spent on mission, and downtime, coloring paths according to speed. Highlight residence, and places visited, items carried\made during the last hour etc.

- In the single player campaign, dont let every game end with a "conquer everything" mission.


- I noticed something on "upgrading" the settlers from carriers to proffessions. Was this correct, and will settlers then have variables connected to them, like strengtgh, agility, perception, social etc etc, and will the different crafts prefer different skills to increase efficiency?

- How complex are you planning to make combat? Will it be strictly a rock-scissor-paper system, or will we see more variables included to make tactical and strategic choices? What i really liked about Settlers 7, was the distinct non-military winning options.

- How will victories be handled? Are there one large condition that needs to be achieved (Think civ6 eiter science, cultural or etc). Or will it be more like Settlers 7 where you have a wide array of smaller goals that can be combined to your liking? (Which was an excellent take for that particular game)

- What are the devs take on production chains? Will it be an easy 1:1 ratio or are you aiming to make it more complex? Also, will numbers be open, like in Anno1800, where you can calculate everything?

And last but not least..

im hyped! =D

02-14-2019, 01:36 AM
My fav is Settlers 7 - victory point system is very clever and flexible to choose your way to win and to react on opponent's actions.
And it is not so battle oriented as some previous games (and this big armies and fortress walls with archers in clips of next game make me worry). Not only econopy but city building/planning aspect is very important to, also alternative activities and special buildings/point of interest on map.
A lot of upgrades, techologies and customization options which give you possibilty to choose your play style.
Also art style and campaign movies were GORGEOUS.
The only one reason I can see why some people still prefer other games of the serie like 3 or 4 instead of 7 - is because 7th need decent PC

02-15-2019, 07:48 PM
Hello shadowxavier, thank you for your long post with ideas and questions.

I won't be able to go into detail for several of your points cause the game's still in development, many things are not finished, implemented or decided upon.
I don't think we'll go that much into detail regarding individual settlers. Overall The Settlers is a build-up strategy game with a focus on economy and not a settlers-simulation. Also, we don't want to throw statistics in people's faces but - sticking to our WYSIWYG approach - want to immerse you in the world and allow you to assess a situation by purely looking at it.

The Settlers will allow you to use alternative, non-military victory methods but except for teasing the "Path of Honor" we didn't release any further details regarding this yet - stay tuned. Military itself will also be addressed in detail in future blog articles on The Settlers Alliance.

In contrast to Anno 1800 we'll probably go for a more "you'll have to find our by yourself" approach, but here again: It's too early to state anything final.
So, in the end, what I can say even though it's not super satisfying, I understand: Stick around for more articles, more teasers, screenshots, video clips and later this year also some more gameplay and maybe a stream or two? We'll see ;)