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02-11-2019, 09:16 AM
Even from just four days playing the beta, it's clear that there are little moments in the game that just play into the absolute mess that the Dollar Flu made of what used to be a civilised world. I think we should have a thread to compile these little vignettes - related in- or out-of-character, at the player’s discretion.


In my first skirmish with the Outcasts, I got lucky and tagged one of their rushers right in the chest-light, setting off his S-vest short of me and, of course, blowing him to jam.

Whereupon one of his buddies cried out, in all honest horror, “You killed him!”

And I’m like, ‘uh, bro, he was gonna blow himself up in another three seconds anyway. What part of “suicide-bomber” did you miss?’


Y’know how there’s a little alleyway just north-east of the Navy Plaza control-point, leading up into someone’s brick-clad garden/orchard, a food supply point? Well, when I first took the Navy Plaza, I went poking around in there, checking it out and picking up the food for Sawyer’s people, y’know, nomming on a fresh-picked apple and all that **** because there’s only so ******* many ratburgers and MREs and kudzu-cakes a man can stomach — when suddenly I hear voices and four ******* Hyenas come out of a side-door just below me. On a food-collection assignment, according to ISAC, but I’m a little busy ducking behind a brick planter-box and thinking ‘oh ****!’ to notice. After a second, I pop up and hose them down with my AKM — dropped three before they could react, switched to the SIG716 to finish the last guy with three to the chest.

It was only after the last body hit the ground that I stopped and realised how ****ed-up a thing I’d just done. I mean, okay, Hyenas, so they would’ve murdered and skull****ed me without hesitation if they’d pinged me, but on the other hand, Jesus Christ I just gunned down four people who were picking fruit, for ****’s sake.

****ing Gordon Amherst, man. Whichever part of hell he’s in, I hope he’s ****ing proud of his handiwork.

02-14-2019, 02:20 AM
Those were funny, kudos for humor!

04-18-2019, 04:26 AM
The Wonders of Artificial Intelligence
Anyone who’s spent a decent stretch of time in a DZ has come across The Lone Looter - a single NPC who's drifted away from their buddies to try to pry open a loot-box to get to the goodies inside. Usually, they’re so head-down-***-up absorbed in what they’re doing that they never realise they’ve got an Agent coming up behind them... until they get an instant lesson on Senait Ezara’s ‘perils of greed’.

A couple of days ago, I was poking around Dark Zone South, trying to pick up a supply drop for a project. Now, DZ South was Occupied at the time, and apart from listening to the Black Tusk propaganda over the speakers — which was ominous in its own way — I wasn’t expecting much from my time there. Until I spotted The Lone Looter.

Now, it seems that The Lone Looter is of a randomly generated archetype from a random faction, and is mainly there to illustrate how NPCs engage in their own behaviour-patterns while players aren’t there. But when a DZ is Occupied, the only faction available is the Black Tusk... and The Lone Looter’s archetype is still randomly generated from their troop-types.

And so it was that I came across a loot-crate being fiddled with by the head-down-***-up form of... a Warhound sniper-drone.

Once again, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Stupidity find common ground....

04-21-2019, 03:47 AM
I know this isnt quite what you ment but the one that has made me laugh out loud is down in the sewers. Elijah, Brenner (tank with a minni gun) and Jack Booney

Elijah Summer: That was invigerating
Jack Bonney: Like going up a team of fking superheroes. You know what I mean?
Petrus Brenner: How about you shut up and get the charges placed.
Jack Bonney: I'm working on it.
Petrus Brenner: Then more working, less jabbering.
Jack Bonney: Jesus Brenner, Why are you so pent up all the time? You need to unclench your *** cheeks.
Elijah Summer: He would, but he's afraid his batteries will fall out.
Petrus Brenner: Ahhh, fcuk yourselves.

Love that echo. Brenner sounds so dejected at the end.

As for my own actions.
I was doing a bounty the other day, got to the boss, and switched to the crossbow. I shot at the boss and the arrow exploded sending her flying, the blast also killed someone who had just launched a drone, so that exploded as well and sent the boss flipping end over end half way across the screen.

If anyone has watched nacked gun and saw how OJ was flipped out over the stadium, it looked like that.