View Full Version : A question to the devs

02-10-2019, 09:20 PM
Why does For Honor still kick for low FPS?Though i've noticed a reduced kick rate after the dedicated servers droped.As I remember I was explained by a fellow player that the low fps was interfering with the connection back when it was peer-to-peer and I was content that that was a good reason beacuse if I lag ruin it for evryone. But now dedicated servers are here and I don't see a way my FPS may interfier with the gameplay of the other people around it affects me and me only. I know no one wants to hear the low fps guys cry on reddit and the formus when they die beacuse their game skipped a indicator or a guardbreak but for the people like me that can't afford a deacent gaming PC at the moment this is a daily struggle we have to just deal with.
If anyone asks im running a I7 duo-core at 2.40GHz with an Intel HD 4400 and 75% of the time the game runs at 35-45FPS.

I would like the answer to contain an explenation as to why does my FPS still effects the gameplay of the others eaven when Im not hosting the server as peer?