View Full Version : I'm getting tired of this every season

02-09-2019, 07:15 PM
Every season whenever a new character is added it takes ages for them to be changed and atm with black prior the bash is so annoying. I am just simply fed up of playing BP every game and it was the same last season with the wu lin being a pain. It's not fun or challenging in a good way it just is so frustrating. You've got enough heros now and you still can't balance them out so adding new ones won't help at all. I don't think this game is dead nor does it have no potential to get better but please start nerfing some characters in small amounts so I don't feel really disadvantaged whenever I go against beserker shaolin conqueror BP jj and so on. I've had to uninstall this game a few times as it has really frustrated me before. I really hope the balancing issue can make some progress otherwise I'll probably uninstall it for the final time. Btw on warriors den people want to hear about the win matrix so please release it soon