View Full Version : Vortiger is a nerfed Conqueror

02-08-2019, 07:39 AM
Conqueror's bash is better. He can also mix his instant shield uppercut from charged heavy with his SB game to make his bash game even better. Conqueror's parry option select defence, zone option select defense and soft feint into full block stance make his defence better than Vortiger's defence. Conqueror can also bash from side dodge. People complain about Vortiger instead of Conqueror because Vortiger is new and almost every good Conqueror player only play duel and ranked.

02-08-2019, 01:53 PM
You forgot to mention that Conq has 13dmg with 10 stamina drain, when Vortiger have 20dmg and 20 stamina drain. Vortiger's bash almost unpunishable, Conq can't bashing infinitely with very low risk while he have stamina. Conq have no other offence except neutral bash, Vortiger have stance after light/heavy with unblockable heavy and zone mix-ups, also after light he have crazy 500ms 20dmg/40dmg undodgable heavy, 40dmg crashing-counters. Vortiger have stance instead of side bash, Conq counter Vortiger with 13dmg with gb risk, Vortiger counter Conq with the same risk and 30dmg. Vortiger's stance counter all 400ms, because it is instant after block, you just block heavy, go in the stance, block 400ms and go out when you see heavy/heavy feint.
I agree that Vortiger isn't Conq but better, they are different, but Vortiger have too much, in 4v4 he have great feats, his unlocks, his damage, impossibility anti-gank against team with Vortiger, he is better, even in the mirror match I think.

02-08-2019, 02:15 PM
Can we all just agree that both are fcking absurd and this bash spam needs to stop