View Full Version : Question about Voice Mods in For Honor? Fem Lawbringer?

02-08-2019, 04:03 AM
so I've been thinking about what if For Honor had a Female Lawbringer.
in this case, the Lawbringer being Iron Clad, all that would really need to happen is a Voice Change.

so I came up with an Idea to get my Fem Lawbringer.
I was going to make make a mod that would only change the audio files of the Lawbringer.
replacing her Audio Files(for attacks and such) with those of the Fem Warden, or Fem Conquerer.
this way I would hear Fem Lawbringer but to everyone else, it would just be the normal Lawbringer.

of course, I don't want to do anything that would Breach For Honor TOS, which why I am asking here.
would the Comunity support such a Voice Change Mod for For Honor?

this mod would only change the voice for the Lawbringer client side only, only you would hear Fem Lawbringer.
also, this mod would be released with a sister mod that would revert the changes back to the normal Lawbringer voice.

Thoughts, Comments, Concerns?

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