View Full Version : PC Question "AC unity "why initiates can't connect for rewards

02-06-2019, 01:20 AM
it seem Ubisoft have remove this rewards and package them into a paid DLC item, is it correct? as i find the rewards of unity from collected a completed "shield"( i didn't know what is in English,as my version isn't English, but i guess guys can figure it out ) is like the context of paid DLC. i have send email to ubisoft for answer,
but i want to ask do initiates still work currently? whatever, Ubisoft u should not disable what service we should have after purchased the game and as description said in the game info of the store. as there was only one version of AC unity in the store, but i didn't think the initiates of the rewards from game mission should not be removed . and it's a part of the mission rewards, it didn't affect from it's a paid DLC or not as it isn't a paid DLC content