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02-05-2019, 10:30 PM
How and why do you guys keeps breaking the matchmaking?
This has been the worst season in terms of matchmaking, I've already quit the game 5 times in 8 mins from this broken MM.
I've joined games 1 - 3 minutes into the game and its already 500 for the enemy to 86 for my team, the entire enemy team is flawless, player their mains that have more reps in that character than my teammates total rep. How the **** is that even fair?

02-06-2019, 03:45 PM
Why you open a new threat for this? There are xxxx-thousands actual threats……..

But OK! Only what I can say is, that the MM before Year3 was totally nonsense. As Rep0 I was taken into Matches against 200+ opponents.

Now every match is against my Ranks...……
For a casual Player like me it is important!

But I think (if I was Right) it is possible to face higher opponents because the MM looks at the PvP Win-Quote in %...…….
And if you have the same Quote as a higher Player, you can face him… Is this true??