View Full Version : Need some help vs BP and reworked Shugoki

02-05-2019, 07:11 PM
So i come back at the start of the seasons and play until it gets too repetitive and then play something else so I'm just a casual player. I don't play everyday anymore and I'm just average. I like some changes and dislike some. I really like training mode so i spend most of my game mode there and have been working on BP and shugoki. Now i only most just play as Aramusha, since they neutered Orochi with his kit, and i play on console.

The developers got rid of Orochi's guaranteed top double on a hit from storm rush a while back and they got rid of the the top light after a heavy for Musha. So why do they give BP a guarantee light with a bash? That is seriously my only real issue while fighting them. I fall for it too often so if there are a some tips vs BP playing as Musha that would be great. I know to not run out of stamina as that's a death sentence but during an encounter I can get hit by that combo a few times and it feels cheap. My infinite combo is shut down easily and watch prince oreo videos as he is good, but if there are some tips that would be great.

Also i noticed vs Goki bot or human if i fall for the feint and DE his follow up can go in a loop which i can't get out of. After he throws me down he can attack feint and hug me again and again. The bot will do this in training which is good practice but i can't figure out how to get out of it. It's like as soon as i get up his motions are there before i can react. I know Musha's dodges suck, so again if there are tips that I can try. Please don't respond with just a GitGood as i am trying to figure them out.