View Full Version : Renown Balancing

02-04-2019, 11:33 PM
Much about this game has been looked at for balance changes. Mostly on Heroes, gear stats and feats. One area that seems to get overlooked though is how renown is gained in a match. The only way we unlock feats is through renown gains and each hero has specific actions that increase this gain which then means faster feat access. The one annoyance I have been experiencing is the heroes that gain remown boosts through 1vs1 combat in 4vs4 game modes. Ive had my kills stolen so many times that its almost rage worthy when playing as assasin characters that rely on that boost. Please consider removing this 1vs1 boost and replace with something more approriate for game modes where 1vs1 fights are rare and can be easily interfered with by teamates. As a community also just like we learned when not to over attack to give revenge consider leaving that assasin alone to earn their kill 1vs1