View Full Version : Which gameplay in the series the new Settlers closest to?

02-04-2019, 08:59 AM
So I totally missed the announcement, and didn't realize that a new Settlers game is coming in 2019.

I was on the fence on buying the Settlers History Collection, and after browsing some reviews, I stumbled upon the announcement.

Basically I only played Settlers 2. Loved the aesthetics and loved the gameplay. Back then my English was not up to standard, so I didn't know much about playing the game. Forward many years layer, and I bought Settlers 6... That was an awful experience. Watching video review on the tube, I saw similar comments that the best series are 2-3-4, with the later prettier graphics series as an acquired taste. So just wondering if the new Settlers gameplay will be based on the 2-3-4? Dem roads won't built themselves (unless it does, and I don't like that).

02-07-2019, 05:38 PM
I guess which game's the best very much depends on personal preference. The Settlers 3+4 still have a very big and active community compared to some of the other titles, though.

Roads don't built themselves - you will have to plan them and settlers will have to build them.
In some respects the new The Settlers takes mechanics from the older titles, but also inspiration from the newer titles and of course some new ideas and features. I think one can't say it's "based" on a specific game.
We're planning to show you more and more about the game during the course of the year over on the The Settlers Alliance (http://thesettlers-alliance.com/en) and hope to be able to give you some hands-on opportunities later this year.

02-08-2019, 02:29 AM
The Settlers 3+4 still have a very big and active community compared to some of the other titles, though.

It does? Amazing how I didn't know this.

Me and my buddy have been avid settlers 3 and 4 players for years. The recent re-release of them working really well was a dream come true, and we just discovered this is coming out and looks to be super comparable to 3 and 4 and I am so excited.

02-08-2019, 02:09 PM
Alright, let me specify: The German multiplayer community ;)
Due to the popularity there, these 2 titles remained active throughout the years.

Great to hear you like what we've shown so far of the new The Settlers!
We'll release a new dev blog tonight.