View Full Version : Arcade Mode's Bot and Modifier are A$$

02-03-2019, 10:49 PM
First time going into arcade mode with warden, Finding it extremely difficult with the modifier and the bots

at lower level they are not so hard to deal with, but I find arcade mode's' bot acutally take up more time than a pvp game itself, maybe perhaps even 30 min ( at least the length of one dominion match ), The modifier are sommewhat sometime unfair as they sometime aim to support turtle

and again, which you could probably only beat bots by turtling because the bot itself literally can parry a 400ms light

like what the actual **** is this. It feels like i am fighting a total rep 180 here

It's almost as ****ed up because most likely newer player who isn't at the high tier will be ****ed over,

I am literally scared to go on arcade because I get salty on my hands whenever I leave, and that is the only thing on my hand when I leave arcade spending at least 30 min into it in this cluster**** of

fastly scrapped game mode that makes 0 sense.

And I get like 5 new item.