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02-03-2019, 09:15 PM
So I finished the game (I mean until engineer level)

-Pirates base need to have more interaction if we are attacking them.
-Gunships should more expensive - more durable, Frigate should be more powerful,Man o war should have better area effect, more powerful against buildings and should need 1000-1500 artisan. Clipper is okay with 750.
-Need very very much different island designs. Mountains and rivers should give much more higher bonuses to attractive.
-Total area of townhall etc should be a bit bigger.

-When you back to title at general map of world, sometimes it became 5 picture of total wars from very above.
-Buying share's text bug (which mentioned in other posts)
-When you cancel a charter, the goods in current charter would be lost
-If you accept a cease fire when AI's ship already started to move after your ship, will be hang on it until you destroy them in next war. So that ship will have a tail of 12-15 gunships for 1 hour.
-Pirate base's some guns cant fire back in some positions. I am not really sure it is a bug or not.
-Pirate or other people "Threat me" if I accept, i dont know what happens but if I reject, it means war. But if I just leave it, nothing happens. Need more info about it or it is a bug.
-That spanish revo base need bigger circle to be tradeable
-Escort mission don't a ship to escort so i cant start the mission.
-When a ship arrive to another map, it is not choosable in the beginning and it give "_sessionisoff" something like that.

-Making trade route really takes time to find the product. Need more design on it
-Load, unload should be faster, it shouldnt open a screen of it or if it is, it should be still clickable from the begining (like other old Anno games) Also ESC is not working to close window.
-After I destroyed pirate base, it didn't give me any option or something. It just destroyed.
-AI using tooooooooooo many ships. It may be a reason of performance problem.
-Opening new world decrease total speed of the game nearly half. So it means it just increase total map size and does not make other map to a dormant. Man, if that interaction is not making any difference, then why did you seperated them? just make some lines and other details and kill big world map. So maybe some people is right about game engine is bad.Yes you wont get these complains until a player played more than 1 day but total dissaticfation would effect on your other next games. (Look Assasin's creed revolution effects other next games.) But opening beta to everybody is a good decision. I really liked it.
-New world's green need some working. I don't know why but I dont want to play in that color sets. It is really boring. Need better transplant for making building.
-Some mssions are really easy. Need balancing on their prizes. End game missions are too cheap to do fo 19.000 golds.
-Need more space to run expeditions to get if we win extra prize. Need a solution for it in my opinion. If storage is logicial, then end prize should use that slot too.

I hope game will be polished especially about performance. The playability of the game is reaalllllllly long and I am looking forward it. Also please add an option for independece war againt kingdom to get no ending invasion forces etc :) that 4 country is not enough for far expert game.

02-03-2019, 10:31 PM

There should be some type of balance about island ports especially for multi. For trolling, a guy can get most of ports and so lock the game. For 10 lumber 10 iron and 2500 gold, ur enemies need 7-8 ships.