View Full Version : Post-Beta Feedback

02-03-2019, 05:38 PM
Here are my impressions:

Bloody great job! This might be the best version of Anno to date. A ton of interesting mechanics, a lot additions to the formula and opponents that are not just roadblocks but actual competitors. Others that I shared my impressions did agree that this is shaping up to be a great game.

Here are my main issues with the BETA:

1. 4:3/5:4 Support
I know I'm in the rare portion of people that use these type of monitors but the game is unreadable on it, mostly due to scaling of the text and some really weird stretching that the tooltips get. I would be really glad if this was resolved as Anno 2070 ran perfectly on 4:3/5:4 resolution

2. Quests broken
Quests are probably the most broken aspects of the beta. Sometimes I get items I can't deliver anywhere, ships I can't escort or conditions I can't fulfil due to lack of destination. Add to that the fact Escort Missions are insanely hard due to my ships happily lagging behind the escorted vessel requring a large amount of micro. There are also issues of Qi requiring some flowers that are on a mountain and the quest being borked.

3. Expeditions
I think they require a bit tweaking in terms of finding actual people for them. The prison charges insane prices for anyone that gives success rate over 10%, so maybe that's an aspect needing tweaking

4. Tax revenue
I feel like Tax revenue even on easy is seriously gimped for whatever reason, I could be wrong but maintaining a steady income is a bit harder than in previous Annos. Might require some tweaking.

5. Pathing issues
Sometimes replopping a farm fixes the fact goods aren't sent out from the factory, sometimes it doesn't. I think vicinity to the warehouse is what determines it.

6. Graphics
Possibly my biggest gripe - I'm getting a lot of framerate dips on i7-2300 16GB 1060GTX even on Medium.

That being said I'm hoping these issues will be mostly patched for the next beta and I eagerly await the full game, this one will be a big time waster like 1404 and 2070 was.