View Full Version : Suggestions: Disasters and a few things...

02-03-2019, 04:24 PM
Hi, I'm an old time Anno 1404 and 2070 player and really enjoying the Beta so far. I just wanted to suggest a few things quickly;

1. Will disasters be added? they seem to be a gameplay staple (at least since 1404) and I've always thought the unpredictability and fun element of dealing with disasters as an extra element/challenge to the gameplay..especially when playing with other people (My co-players sending me relief assistance or Me assisting them after a tornado etc)

2. Could you add an interactive element to the UI which displays current goods in the island warehouse at the top of the screen... a la Anno 1404 and 2070 you could drop and swap out which goods where displayed at the top of the screen on a per island basis...it helped so I didn't have to go and click on the warehouse and scroll down each time just to see my level of coffee etc

3. I love the new world and really hope another tier of housing would be eventually added, it's always nice to have more content in the new world/colony which could also assist in having more gameplay elements there. So far in the beta there seems to be no decorative items whatsoever in the New World and I can't build the Old world items there...so I would definitely say they need to be added. Also having ship designs (perhaps having the same function as the old world ships, just visually different) would be great.

Just my thoughts so far, and I think the game is a great return to the "Core" Anno elements I missed from 1404 and 2070 with a large number of enjoyable improvements and new features :) Thanks !