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02-03-2019, 04:13 PM

So after spending day and night just hardcore playing Anno 1800 I have some information to share.
First of all thank Ubi for allowing me to play closed beta, and yes every time I had crash I did send crash report you welcome.

I think It is because of beta stage I pretty much max all I could do in my cities and even having everyone on 100 % happy stage and all assets were provided I could not upgrade housing to engineers ? because of which I could not build new buildings etc.

I noticed that every so often there need something to happen, and it's pushed to much for example I had in nearly all locations fire station and game was pushing fires in every place I did not have one or it was out of range of fire station that was 3 blocks too far, I can understand something happening but it's pushed too much by the game, I can understand random viruses fires and others within the housing areas but when fire happens to only one factory that is isolated, because there is no fire station nearby is just funny. Another example will be just after I had virus outbreak in the city my game crashed and when I loaded it back it was just before epidemic so I build asap hospitals around that place guess what virus outbreak did happen but in separate city that did not have hospital in range.

In one moment of the game all AI's decided to put war on me so being civilised person I am , I annihilated all of them in whole region but they still were coming back, having no resources should pretty stop them in doing so.

It's hard for me to estimate my production there should be some more indication of how many assets I am producing how many are in use etc.

Bugs (I know not a place for it)

While I was spamming mission to get points fast sometimes missions overlap and just 1 is shown or none of them but markers on the map are asking to do something, even if there is nothing to pickup, move or destroy. one mission asked mi to destroy a ship in new world collect the wreckage and deliver it, not saying where even clicking on the mission did't help.

Having multiscreen set up I was able to take my mouse out of the game just by dragging it to the next screen, all menus in game and in menu achievements etc, needs super widescreen support I could by entering example trade windows you can see game or selected warehouse inventory in the corner.

Game was played on max settings, did not have any issues frames were dropping only when I entered my biggest city.(Not running on SSD).

PC Specs:
GTX 1080 Ti MSI gaming x trio

Main - LG 34UM88-C
Secondary - LG 24UD58