View Full Version : Suggestions 2 ANNO TEAM for make this stunning looking game even more stunning

02-03-2019, 03:54 PM
First many many thanks to the whole Anno 1800 Team for the change to play the beta and for this stunning looking game, ALL those details ... i love it !

Info: I play everything on highest settings @ 4k.

Suggestions/questions from my end if possible to consider to make a perfect next-gen Anno :

1- cattle (cows, sheep, ...) more color variations ?

2- Sky-box is static with color-banding and ugly clouds, is it possible to make dynamic voluminous clouds and a whole dynamic weather system, so that we have moving
clouds that create shadows over the land, rain that leaves wet surfaces on everything in game en creating puddles of water and mud, storm creating waves out in sea,
mist, sunsets, night @ day cycle, ... ?

Rain now in beta is bad, ugly visual impact on roofs, roads, ... )

3- User interface needs more love, more streamlining, possibility to scaling, playing on 4K but the UI is too big

4- Info overlay icons don't match the art-style of the icons in the UI, they don't belong here, more for anno 2205

5- NVIDIA ANSEL support to capture all this beauty ?

6- HDR support ?

7- I see no fishes in the waters close to the fishery's

8- Game overlays would be nice and practice, example : filters for finding everything, like where are all my warehouses, with color-overlays, also 2 see which building connects to which warehouse and processing buildings etc

9- Nothing usefull to create with the rivers ? like watermills , ...

10- The Flower Mill do not rotate on placing the mill, everything but not the mill rotates, bug ?

11- The trees that you can place are too much the same, would it be better to use more variation in shapes and colors