View Full Version : Likes and dislikes.

02-03-2019, 03:03 PM
I first want to say that I have played for about 6 hours in the beta. I have also played Anoo 1404,2070,2205 as well.I understand that there might be fixes and features coming in game.

1.Graphics in general look better than Anno 2205 but not by much,maybe the water is more realistic. However the increase and decrease of the land when building on it is a very nice feature.
2 Camera angles that give you 360 degree and more of a ground level visual is very awesome. I hope that we can have a follow camera for the ships when sailing to new waters. The game looks beautiful and it would be a quick break from the grinding,building in Anno.
3.The ui has improved with having a task bar that you can customize for different quick slots
4.The time period is a plus and all the animations are very nice.
5. Love the new modular style adding fields for farms etc. I liked this in Anno 2205 but having block by block really allows you to use space better.

1.I wish I could zoom out more
2.I miss all the different currencies,like in Anno 1404 with honor and prestige. It gives more level of choosing paths to play instead of build this,get this,now get money,rinse and repeat.
3.Sometimes the ui would overlap in a way where I would have to click over to the side just to see the next building to upgrade or on the bottom in the middle a person would show and couldn't get to the buildings tab

Thing I hope for.
1.I want to be able to upgrade more than just residential buildings,I know it's a lot more art and animations but it would be nice.
2.I hope we can get more perks and bonus additions to slot in our buildings,like in Anno 1404. I remember getting items that could fertile a new fruit in a island that didn't have it,or a better combat hull on a ship,or a increase in harvest bonus to a fishing dock.
3.I wish we could get more choices on how to progress than just the same set of items to advance residential. For example instead of beer,maybe wine,and instead of cotton shirts maybe hemp. I understand that this would be a randomization setup and the other items could be imported from other land etc.The game would stay the ame but add variation.
I hope that when we unlock other lands we can acquire a huge cargo ship and protect it with our naval ships as like a random encounter during the expedition cycle.

In general it feels exactly like a Anno game from 1404,maybe to a remastered version with added improvements. Playing Anno 2205 and having all the different locations and combat missions,makes Anno 1800 feel empty and linear. However I did have fun playing and hope to see some of my ideas come to light. Thanks Devs for allowing us to play the beta.