View Full Version : Furthest zoom-out

02-03-2019, 02:25 PM
Maybe this is all just an optical illusion because Anno 1800 has bigger islands, however:

In Anno 2205 we were able to zoom out way-way further. I would love that possibility here as well. I know this game can really bring down the strongest of GPU's. I play on ultra-widescreen (3440x1440) and I would love to be able to zoom out even further so I could possible my whole city island on one screen.

I can understand if they keep this limited as the game is already very GPU heavy and most people don't have the benefit of more visibility in an ultra-widescreen set-up. However, it was added in 2205 previously so I would still like to see this at some point in the future.

For reference:

Far zoom Anno 2205 (3440x1440) (https://i.imgur.com/KpPMGxB.jpg)
Far zoom Anno 1800 beta (3440x1440) (https://i.imgur.com/StvMKvT.jpg)

Thanks in advance. :)