View Full Version : [Feedback (inkl. Bug?)] Closed Beta

02-03-2019, 11:37 AM
So, first off - amazing game... lots of details, beautiful art and music and a lot of creative ideas... <3 (I lost most of yesterday and already 3 hours today to the game :o )
but there are a couple of things that kept bugging me and one might be an actual BUG (see No. 5) :)

1.) Influence - it's a very limited resource and depletes way too fast - there should be a way of regaining it... maybe through happiness or festivals or ....
2.) the expedition system - while fun - every choice leads to disaster - this needs some overhauling
3.) game doesn't notify you when you unlock new things... I had an epidemic spread through my city and was like "but the hospital is locked!" - which it wasn't anymore at that point :nonchalance:
4.) maybe I missed it, but usually in such games, you get a menu with all your buildings/industry and can pause/change stuff in the menu rather than having to go through the whole map to pause/unpause each individual building
5.) I haven't been able to upgrade any residential buildings in a while... not sure if it is a bug or you can't have more than xyz numbers of artisans/workers in a city...
6.) I completely wiped a competitor and the pirates, but they remain active... pirates OK (there'll always be pirates), but the competitor should really be like "I have been defeated, I'll set sail to my homeworld" and leave the area for good
7.) ask before throwing stuff over board - I accidentally threw a zoo exhibit over board :PepeHands:
8.) After defeating an island, why destroy the buildings already there? Maybe at least leave ruins that only cost half the things they would usually do to restore or something...

My 2 cents - like I said, I still enjoyed the game, but fixing those things would make it truly magnificent in my eyes :D