View Full Version : low level Item creation in public buildings

02-03-2019, 09:37 AM
It would be nice to have a more optional but real use for public buildings in your town.
Why not let them create certain lower level items.
1-like pubs can attract some sailers wich give small bonusses to ships
2-schools and universities can offer some people or items good on diplomacy or for trade unions or town halls.
3-churches can offer priests or nuns wich can give some faith/diplomacy boost on expeditions

the more rare items you should find at traders or on expeditions.
Here you could get some lower level items but also at a smaller price then traders sell their experts
You can make them have a creation time just like shipyards.
Let's say each building offers 3 options in a range from 1000-5000 and with a decent cooldown when you bought one?
high people happines could help getting some higher level of experts you can train.

furthermore perhaps you could offer to sell items(wich u used but later no longer need) in your harbours for other players or npc traders but this should never be a very profitable buisness.