View Full Version : A(nother) really disheartening experience

02-03-2019, 04:47 AM
I was playing Dom, using my Warlord (his update is pretty nice), it was nearing the end of the match and I needed to take a point for my team. There was one of the new guys on the point (Vort) so I had to be careful, you know, 'cause he's pretty damn powerful. And I say, I outplayed him well, got him down to half a bar, I had nearly full health...then he gets a single shield bash, his revenge is charged, and the bash puts me OOS. He exploits the bug and kills me because his revenge makes doing anything too risky, his bash has more range than my dodge, I could try a parry...but it's just chance at this point. It's like dancing on broken glass.

Why does the game punish me so much for playing better against a stronger class? It's really frustrating and disheartening. When will revenge be taken out of 1v1? When will stamina stop punishing the aggressor? Please fix this rubbish.

edit: and now I have a matchmaking penalty because I was alt-tab'd...during breaking...when I couldn't respawn. Really? On days like this I understand why so many people consider this game a joke. It just hates the honest player so freaking much.