View Full Version : Feedback, suggestions and few bugs

02-02-2019, 11:53 PM
So, first I think that new citizens system (without manual tax's changes) is great, and it was brilliant idea with bulidings requiring employees. It makes the game much better. Production chaines, graphics, music, design, mechanics and overall climate are good, but:
- i think that expeditions are too distractive, and their decision screen are too long to read, especially when you doing something important like wage war
- economy, especially making money is easy, i think too easy, even if i didn't bother about it, i always would be rich
- AI, AI... If AI enemies hadn't given quests, they would be completly usless, for most time they do nothing, or do stupid things, like building on each island only basic production chains
- like other enemies, pirate do literally nothing, and they can't be destroyed, because bug, i think, and when you destroy their base, they still building ships, which only patrol their own island
- ships sometimes can't fight, or find way to shoot, even if it's obvius, they often get lost in the battle and don't shoot properly

And few minor bugs:
- hints in builder tab sometims bug itself, when you move off from island, when hint is visble
- hints are sometimes shown too late, like few hour (!) after discover New World hint with "We discover new land, click World Tab to sth..." had been shown
- "ShipOnEnteredSessionText" is shown, instead of proper text, when your ship enter session
- when you fulffil "Capitan's Reccomendation" on expedition menu, and close it, and reopen it from assigned ship window, it is shown like they aren't fulfill, even if nothing was changed (I mean that green check symbols on top of screen)
- in expedition menu, when you try to tranfer items, which are stackable (for example traps), and try to tranfer more than one ( 10 or infinity) when you have one free slot on ship, it will be bugged, and in ships grey icon of that item with number 0 will be shown (like you have 0 items of that type) and number of items in stock will not change
- often you have to double click tranfer icon on ship window to open transfer/trade window (which, btw. is inconvinient and should be not shown on center of screen, but like in older versions, instead of ship's window)
- i had few problems with escort quest, because no ship was spawned, and nothing happened when i press quest mark, the same problem in few quests from diffrent NPC

- except that above, moving from session to session (New Wolrd to Old, and backward) should be faster, because in current version it is tiresome
- quest's awards should be more variuos (i think about other players and NPC quests, not citizens quest) , because like i said economy isn't hard, and i often didn't take questes, because awards was usless to me, but special items, or materials would be nice

I hope that on premiere most of bugs will be fixed, because the rest of things are great, and thank you very much from access to closed beta.