View Full Version : Is the handling of goods inconsistent?

02-02-2019, 08:24 PM
Hi devs,

--- Begin Praise ---
let me start off by sending my sincere congratulations on a FANTASTIC Beta.
!!!Zero crashes in over 24h playtime!!! and only 1, lonely little UBIPrio10 issue that happened once.
(5-6 bears "spawn-exploded" out of a clay-pit when placing a new building into the recently bulldozed clay-pit - looked funny.)

Absolutely mind-blowing quality!
Even the performance was good, considering I'm on a pre-Sandy Bridge i5.
Send my best to The QC... Division. :rolleyes:

--- End Praise ---

My concern/question:
Since the game forces one to mind where resources are located geographically when it comes to different islands/worlds...
...it seems really odd, that there is no such accounting for where resources are located geographically within the confines of a single island.
(or vice versa)
Phrased differently: Why not let the resource-inventory be completely global (at least per map/"world")?

Resources are put into a warehouse in one end of an island...
...then extracted from another warehouse on the other side of the same island.

As if putting something into a chest in Factorio then taking it out of another box somewhere else...
...at least Minecraft explained it with "it's magic stuff from a magic creature".(i.e Ender chest)

Personally I would prefer if Warehouses were treated the same way as harbors.
i.e Players have to set up trading routes between warehouses to manage/balance the flow of resources.

Thank you for some good quality entertainment!
Good job!