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02-02-2019, 05:51 PM
First of all, congratulations! This game is amazing. I am a big fan of Anno 1404 and now Anno 1800 is just a huge game with tons of kinds of stuff. :D
I have noticed there are some minor bugs and issues but i am not to complain, this is a Beta guys, so chears a little bit. ;) Creators have done amazing jobe here,
making game so alive, just cant resist little details on the streets, bazaars, markets, harbors, houses, back gardens, etc. There is so much thing, i cant name them all,
and that should be enough for you guys who are not sure about game, believe me, I would definitely recommend it!

Can't wait to see full release and play it!

P.S. I have noticed it, warehouse, when you upgrade it on level 2, there is a year sign 1800 on top, on one side it's written in reverse, no big deal :cool: