View Full Version : [BUG] [Ryzen 7 1800X, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM] Game Crash after a few minutes

02-02-2019, 05:30 PM
Maximum 5 minutes after I load the savegame (multiplayer) my game freezes for 1-3 second and then crashes.
But my friend can still play, even tho my game crashed and his game also freezes for 1-3 seconds at the exact time.

I activated monitoring tolls for my CPU and GPU, but they were never fully occupied.
The game also crashes after I set all the graphics setting to minimum.

02-03-2019, 11:45 AM
Do you have the latest drivers for your GPU? Temperatures are fine?

02-03-2019, 11:49 AM
my game freezes for 1-3 second and then crashes.just a wild quess, you did already the Verify of your Gamedata? https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1985663-Verify-Game-files-if-you-have-crashes-missing-objects