View Full Version : [UI] Ship and warehouse goods transfer

02-02-2019, 04:38 PM
Whenever you want to transfer goods either from a ship to a warehouse (or vice versa) you have to bring the ship close to the warehouse and click on a special transfer goods button in the ship UI. This then opens a new (huge) window to transfer goods.

1. The sorting function in general is nice, but leaves a huge scroll bar so sorting by specific goods is required. If these icons were smaller this would have less scrolling required.

2. You can move over 1, 10 or infinity symbol of goods over. In previous games the infinity symbo represented one full stack of however big the cargo hold is. This is very inefficient when you want to move e.g. 2 stacks of timber and 1 stack of steel beams. You have to fully load the ship, remove few stacks, repeat process until you have the mix of goods you want.

And my biggest issue: I would like right click with a ship selected on a trading post to transfer back. This was very fast and efficient and required way less clicks and effort to transfer goods. Not too mention the small waiting times between screens popping up. This all feels very designed with being a tablet game in mind.