View Full Version : Area of effect of buildings (churches for example or schoolt not visible enough)

02-02-2019, 04:00 PM

Could be me, but I don't think it's that clear when you build a church for example how far the houses that fall in this can be build.
Same for the patatto fields. Didn't understand how far they could go.

02-02-2019, 07:31 PM
The public services paint the streets green. The darker the green colour, the easier the coverage. Besides that, if you click on a house, the public services in range will have a green square around their base.

Production buildings will place a white square around other buildings in the same production chain and warehouses if they can reach them.

02-02-2019, 09:15 PM
Buildings like churches and schools spread their influence by roads and if you upgrade those roads, the influence will spread even further. So it's not as straightforward as showing a radius or something like that.

02-03-2019, 12:36 AM
Did not know that, but that is pretty cool!

02-03-2019, 02:06 AM
Yep. It's the distance traveled by road, basically. So if you make a long snake road going back and forth, your influence will be completely gone within a few squares. So don't do that :) Straight roads away from whatever you want to have the most influence is the way to go.