View Full Version : Local Multiplayer on Consoles

02-02-2019, 03:29 AM
Hello FH Community!

Or really anyone who cares enough to read this.

Just recently, my brother moved out of my basement and into his own apartment. So, yippee! I have access to my underused console again! Anyways, due to this change, I have been playing a lot more console For Honor, as well as inviting some friends over to play with me. This experience has been genuinely enjoyable with the recent Vortiger addition and Shugoki rework, (aside from 30fps and not having good internet). Eventually, after a night or so, we all arrived at a similar question. We would all have to rotate the controller every life, even in PvBOT game modes. We've all enjoyed destroying each other in different games like Super Smash Bro's and Mortal Kombat in local multiplayer settings, so why does For Honor, a fighting game with a duel game mode, not have a split screen local multiplayer mode? This is a genuine question that I would like to be answered, and if the answer is "it just isn't our highest priority", I'd be ecstatic.

Thanks for the read. Post your opinions