View Full Version : Patch Notes [February 1st, 2018]

02-01-2019, 05:35 PM
Hello everyone!

Here’s a rundown of some topics we added to Sam this week:

New Conversation Topics (Over 20!)


Can you beatbox for me?
You're evil!
Show me a walkthrough for Assassin's Creed Odyssey (works with many other Ubisoft games)
!charm (updated!)
What are Classic Challenges?
Do you know Mobile Royale?

Rainbow Six Siege

Show me the Six invitational schedule!
Where can I watch the Six Invitational? (updated!)
How does Pick and Ban work?
What are Alpha pack? (updated!)
What's the latest patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege? (updated!)
Show me the Six Invitational survival guide!

Watch Dogs

Tell me about Marcus Holloway?

Assassin's Creed

Which Odyssey sword should I get?

The Division 2

How to refer a friend in the Division?
How to get the Secret Handshake emote?
How to get Slap Fight emote?

Bug Fixes

Minor Bug fixes