View Full Version : How to get The Crew 2 Photos to OneDrive?

02-01-2019, 04:46 PM

this is perhaps a stupid question, just because I've managed it even a few months ago, but how can I get the TC2 photos from my XBox to my OneDrive? I can not remember :confused:

I find the photos only in the game itself, but not on the XBox. I recall that I was able to copy the pictures directly from a menu in the XBox to OneDrive.
Can someone help me please?


04-15-2019, 09:43 PM
Hey Luc_LaCroix!

You would need to install the Xbox OneDrive app. You should then be able to view and open OneDrive from your Xbox App list.

The photos should appear in there. If you are having issues with this, it may be worthwhile to reach out to Xbox Support (https://support.xbox.com/en-gb) also.