View Full Version : Good Job on The New Hero

02-01-2019, 10:22 AM
At first Im not gonna lie, I was pretty skeptical. He has some seriously overpowered move chains. I think part of the issues is that so much to do with his combos are unblockable or undodagable. And while THIS PART OF HIM, I think should be toned back (not just for him but for all heroes) his fluidity, and his move set, and his damage is not overpowered. So, as a start, I think you guys did a good job of releasing this hero and making him, for the most part balanced.

Time will tell, by the end of week 2 probably, how he can be fully exploited as people figure out the combos and learn to make it impossible to get away. My only real issue with him, like I said, is that every heavy chain ender is undodgeable; I think this will need to be corrected to only true from normal chains, not all moves.