View Full Version : How did you manage to ruin the game? :( Still the same bugs & horrifying performance

02-01-2019, 07:37 AM
We had an absolute blast playing the Technical Test months ago. The game seemed fluent, close-to-final, with a little balancing needed to be done. Ran completely flawless on High on our mid-end laptops (core i7 7700HQ, 1050Ti, 16 GB RAM). I was absolutely excited to actually play a game that felt better than Anno 1404, which seemed as an impossible task for you devs.

And yet you somehow managed to ruin all the expectations with this beta build. The performance is absolutely horrifying. How is it possible that a game that ran on 60fps on high details 2 months ago now stutters using low-medium details? Maybe if your entire QA department runs RTX2080 the may not have noticed, but otherwise the huge performance drop is clearly visible. My girlfriend is almost completely unable to play the game on MX150 card that managed to run the game just fine last time.

I also must admit that I don't clearly get the intention with the Technical Test as there were bugs that were reported constantly by everybody and not only that you didn't manage to fix them in 2 months time, you managed to add new ones to the list! :mad:

- How on earth is it possible that the game cannot be saved manually?
- What happened to the single-session multiplayer containing both the old and the new world?
- Camera position on the minimap. How is this still an issue? What you see on the screen is nowhere near the camera on the minimap is looking.
- How exactly do you feel we are supposed to manage the warehouses if it's not possible to see the radius where the carts will be going?
- The balancing. Oh, the balancing. This is not Anno 1800 now, this is a Land of the Farmers 1800 game now.

02-01-2019, 08:42 AM
I don't have an answer for all your concerns, I agree it's interesting you experience worse performance. The beta does not necessarily reflect the final build though - things can, and will hopefully change before release. They still have a bit of time. That said; Anno have always been stressing any computer I've owned. This one certainly is no different.

You can save manually now; CTRL+S. But I do hope they add a UI element so it's more straight forward.

02-01-2019, 09:37 AM
- How exactly do you feel we are supposed to manage the warehouses if it's not possible to see the radius where the carts will be going?The carts are now coming from the houses to the warehouse. If you build a house along the street you should see the street highlighted - green and after build yellow line.

Sorry to hear about your performance but its really not final - The beta builds are maybe including old codebase because the focus of testing is on something else. If the performance was good for you in a test before the chance is high that it will be also in final release. You can try the standard-setting after game-start or lower setting for now.

02-01-2019, 09:52 AM
Given your issues with performance, it is possible that the game is running on an integrated GPU? You can select in the options menu what GPU is being used, assuming you have both a n on-board and dedicated one.